Out here wit da bro @trevdolla_721 he said where da thots at 😂😂😂 da ave lookin dry boyyy lol
Breakfast time who cookin I got them pancakes 😁😁😁😂😂😂 #bitchesLovePancakes #niggasLoveEmToo
Sleepy time I’m not feelin good bout a situation but fucc it it’s wht ever I guess outta sight outta mind I’m def gonna stay where im at longer now fucc it gotta go thru the struggle to come out on top n dominate real man shit time to get mega focus  (Taken with instagram)
Hey ladies add my bro his other page got deleted so add him up rape tht follow button #cannongang @likmytattzz #follow #mustfollow (Taken with instagram)
Whts good Blacc 🔫 .38 on decc peanut live 215 lol shit be havin me weak  (Taken with instagram)
#tweegram #oovoo casmatrix is the name add that  (Taken with instagram)
Can u see me now  (Taken with instagram)
I like my smile if u don’t eat a dicc loo yea I’m rude like dat  (Taken with instagram)
U in a great position to succ my wholeeeeeeeeee dicc from tip to balls BITCH slow bob BITCH whew I love it Whn u use no hands hoe (Taken with instagram)